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Traditional Chinese Hung Gar Kung Fu

It is a shame that the old Masters are passing-away, and very few students today are learning the complete art. What is left behind is a diluted version of the art, lacking the spiritual depth, the traditional values, and the respect and understanding of the martial element. Part of the culture is lost, together with the values, life skills, personal development, and the experience of walking the lonely, tough, and never ending path where the real lesson is learning about the self through perseverance and hard work.
Although we see that the traditional art may be dwindling, we still can see examples that:
« In a society conditioned to scientific analytical thinking, the acquisition of instant knowledge, expectations of effortless understanding, idolization of economic values, and immediate gratification, there are still those who can appreciate the rewards from the journey of learning a traditional art » …. Gam Bok Yin